Carriage 1 restoration

Carriage 1 was taken out of service during 2021 (leaving Carriages 2, 3 and 4 in operation) after being inspected and shown to be in need of considerable repair or renew. The main steel base frame (chassis) needed replacement due to degraded metal, the bogies, wheels, axles, bearings were all in need of replacement parts and engineering work.

The coachwork was in a generally a poor state with all sides rotting out. The roof cross beams and panels were considerably degraded, however the reuse of the roof frame, doors and seats were all in good condition and restorable.

Engineering works required for Carriage 1 were undertaken by Blue Funnel Ferries, costs of which were the responsibility of HPHA, however labour costs were donated by BFF.

Prefabrication of the wooden coachwork and associated parts such as seat frames, panelling and doors etc was undertaken off site in the Hythe Shed.

All engineering works required for Carriage 4 were the responsibility of Blue Funnel. HPHA managed and supervised the works together with Blue Funnel as a collaborative project.

Prior to commencement of the works Blue Funnel gifted ownership of carriage number 1 to Hythe Pier Heritage Association formalised by a Deed of Gift.

Carriage 4 was returned to normal operation on 21st July, 2022 (two days prior to the “Rock The Train” centenary celebrations).


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